Soon after Google Pixel 8 and Samsung Galaxy S24, OnePlus is the next Android phone maker to introduce generative AI into its handsets. Although the newly announced OnePlus 12 flagship did not get any fancy AI features at launch, it is now getting its share of the pie alongside the OnePlus 11 through its latest software update.

The two OnePlus flagships have just received their latest ColorOS update in China, which brings a host of generative AI features. Interestingly, the OnePlus 11 started receiving this update first but it was later found that OnePlus 12 is getting it too.

The screenshot below shows an English version of the changelog with the latest ColorOS update.

AI Summarizer

The three new AI features are quite similar to what Samsung and Google have introduced with their flagship phones. This includes AI Summarizer, which is capable of automatically generating a summary for phone calls. According to OnePlus, this feature aims to capture essential details from calls, including locations, times/dates, action items, “and other key information.”

AIGC Remover

The next feature is called AIGC Remover, which is meant to erase objects or people from photos, quite like Google’s Magic Eraser. Although this feature shares similarities with its Samsung and Google counterparts, the OnePlus changelog only mentions editing for photos with no mention of video clips.

Article Summaries

The last AI feature on the list for OnePlus 12 and 11 is article summaries. While it is not as advanced as Google or Samsung’s features, it is able to summarize articles with a single tap by extracting “key information.”

While these features only offer basic functionality for now, they are still a solid starting point for OnePlus 11 and 12 users who believed the company had lagged in embracing AI advancements.

Other Features

Other features included in the update are access to the fingerprint scanner without waking the phone, and a new “Device & motion orientation” permission within the settings menu which stops apps from accessing the phone’s sensors for display orientation, gestures, actions, and more.


However, keep in mind that ColorOS is only the Chinese version of the OnePlus software, so it remains unclear if these features will also come to OxygenOS, which is the global alternative.