Search engine giant Google has just unveiled its latest and greatest AI model, Gemini. This AI model will grace the company’s AI chatbot Bard as well as its AI-centric flagship phone, the Pixel 8 Pro, making it the first smartphone to do so.

Soon after Gemini’s launch, Google also announced the latest feature drop for Pixel phones, most of which have to do with Gemini’s AI capabilities for the Pixel 8 Pro. These features are aimed at making the phone’s hardware more powerful, productive, and personalized.

For clarification, the Gemini AI model, a direct competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, is divided into three tiers varying in the complexity of tasks it can handle. These tiers are known as Nano, Pro, and Ultra, with Ultra being the most advanced and sophisticated among the three. Gemini Pro will power Google Bard, while the Nano is making its way to the Pixel 8 Pro.

That being said, here are all the features coming to the Pixel 8 Pro in December.

Recording Summaries

Thanks to Gemini Nano, the Google Pixel 8 Pro will be able to summarize recordings done through the built-in Recorder app. This will provide a summary of discussions, presentations, interviews, debates, and more, all without an internet connection.

Smart Keyboard Replies

Gemini Nano also has conversational awareness, meaning it can quickly suggest suitable replies for conversations in chatting apps. This feature only works in WhatsApp for now, but support for more apps will be added in the future. Google’s default keyboard, Gboard, is required for smart replies.

Video Boost

The Pixel 8 Pro will now be able to fix shaky and imperfect videos thanks to its Tensor G3 AI chip. This chip enables Video Boost, which can upload videos to the cloud and use computational photography models to apply stabilization, color correction, lighting improvements, and much more.

Video Boost also powers Night Sight video on the Pixel 8 Pro for noise reduction in low-light videos.

Photo Unblur Upgrades

Photo Unblur, as the name says, brings clarity to blurry photos, but this will now work with animals too. This should especially be useful since it’s much harder to take clear photos of pets.

Other Features

There is a substantial list of other upgrades coming with the December feature drop. Here is a quick rundown:

  • Improved timelapse videos in low light.
  • Improved portrait photos with better lighting.
  • Dual Screen Preview for Google Pixel Fold.
  • High-quality computer video calls with Google Pixel cameras.
  • Clean feature for document scanning.
  • Quick sign-in with Google Password Manager.
  • Repair Mode for extra safety during phone repairs.
  • Smarter replies in call screens.
  • Easier phone unlocks.
  • Improved noise cancellation for calls on Pixel Tablet.
  • Spatial Audio support for Pixel Tablet.
  • More customization for Weather and Clock widgets.
  • Improved sync between Pixel phones and watches.