Speculation is mounting that Google is on the verge of launching “Gemini Advanced,” a new chatbot set to rival ChatGPT Plus, with a potential release date of February 7th. This development appears to signal a rebranding effort, moving away from the previously announced “Bard Advanced” at last year’s close.

This speculation has recently been confirmed through a new leak as Google has turned on gemini.google.com too early, and the next, no longer “Bard” changelog has leaked as well. The announcement verifies the rebranding of Bard to Gemini, set for February 7, 2024, and highlights Google’s introduction of a refreshed more streamlined chat interface.

Included in the changelog is the text previously discovered in leaked code snippets, although details regarding the pricing for Gemini Advanced remain unmentioned.

An exclusive Gemini application is on the horizon for Android users, poised to potentially supplant Google Assistant. However, it will not be available in the UK, Switzerland, and countries within the “European Economic Area and associated territories.” Meanwhile, iOS users can access Gemini through the Google app. Additionally, the service is slated to launch in Canada.


Gemini Ultra

Further insights gleaned from code snippets shared on Reddit reveal that “Gemini Advanced” will harness the power of the Gemini model, featured in the forthcoming Ultra 1.0 iteration. Google has touted the advanced capabilities of this new chatbot, emphasizing its proficiency in complex tasks such as programming, logical analysis, precise instruction following, and creative teamwork, all made possible by the advanced Ultra model.

The firm has committed to frequent enhancements, including upgraded multimodal functionalities, programming attributes, and in-depth data examination. Google’s exact words are: “We’re just getting started, and Gemini Advanced will continue to get even better.”

While the model is primarily designed for English, it possesses the capability to interact in various languages as well.

It is anticipated that Gemini Advanced will adopt a subscription-based model, akin to ChatGPT Plus. Recently, Google integrated an image creation feature into Bard, mirroring the functionalities of DALL-E 3 found in ChatGPT. Additionally, the free version of Bard has achieved parity with GPT-4 standards, courtesy of the newly introduced Gemini Pro “scale” model.