Artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved to a point where it is able to handle weeks and even months’ worth of tasks in a matter of hours. Better yet, it can even create a video game in only 10 hours.

A solid example would be Javi Lopez’s ‘Angry Pumpkins’ video game, which was created by nothing but AI tools. Lopez used OpenAI’s GPT 4 for all the coding, but the graphics came from Midjourney as well as DALL E 3.

Lopez has even detailed all of the prompts used for this process on his Twitter thread. He was able to use GPT 4 for the entirety of the code and ChatGPT even suggested using the JS 3D engine. ChatGPT also helped fix any errors with the code. Lopez would simply paste the faulty code into the conversation and the rest was handled by AI.

However, there were a few minor obstacles as well such as the AI’s weakness in reasoning about the passage of time, which had to be explained back to it.


As mentioned earlier, the graphics are all AI-generated, but they are not simply copied and pasted from AI image generators. There was also some polishing work with Photoshop for a cleanup. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning here that the entire process could have been 100% AI-based if PhotoRoom was used, which is an AI photo editor.

All in all, Lopez exchanged about 400 messages with ChatGPT to get the work done. The game has only 600 lines of code, but Lopez says it was still the hardest part of creating the game since it required patience while working with ChatGPT. He ran into errors while adding details such as particle effects for the torches or other elements, but those were overcome with time.

Working with the graphics was the easiest part for Lopez since he has been working with AI images for over a year and a half. Some images were added to complete the background with some inpainting, and as mentioned earlier, some polishing work was also required with Photoshop.

The game is currently available for playing on browsers through the following link, but it is not compatible with smartphones.