Google apps continue to evolve with new AI features and the latest one to receive a makeover is Google Maps. The popular navigation app just received a visual overhaul along with new AI features.

New AI Features

The search engine giant has used artificial intelligence for a number of updates. It will use AI to deliver speed limit information in about 20 countries in Europe. These features will be available on Android as well as iOS devices.

An image shows three phones over a blue background showcasing new Google Maps features. From left to right, they show detailed information about EV chargers in Maps search results, turn-by-turn directions for a cycling route along the water in San Francis

Additionally, Google Maps’s Search with Live View is now called Lens in Maps and it will use AI with a combination of augmented reality (AR) to help people get around unfamiliar places.

It can be used by tapping the Lens icon on the app, pointing the phone in the right direction, and then the camera will take care of the rest.

Announced earlier this year at the Google I/O 2023 developer conference, Immersive View for routes is finally rolling out with the latest update. It will use AI to offer a much better look at routes. This should help if an area is a tangled mess of convoluted paths that are hard to get around.

Google explains it as follows: “Say you want to bike along the water to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Just request cycling directions, then tap the Immersive View preview to see your route in a stunning, multidimensional view from start to finish. You can prepare for each turn as if you were there with detailed, visual turn-by-turn directions, and use the time slider to plan when to head out based on helpful information, like simulated traffic and weather conditions. That way, you can easily avoid riding during rainy weather or heavy traffic.”

Other Updates

There are a number of other features packed within this update, such as the ability to Google search right from Google Maps, improved information for charging EVs, and new colors all across the app so all the elements on the screens are easily discernible.

All of these changes will be available on Android as well as iOS devices. Make sure to keep Google Maps up to date to catch all the new features.