Elon Musk’s AI-based company, xAI, which became official earlier this year, is about to launch its first AI model today, announced the tech billionaire on Friday.

This chatbot will be called Grok, but Musk did not reveal much about what this AI model will do. Either way, it is clear that he is trying to grab a slice of the growing AI market among many others.

While making the announcement on X, Musk said that xAI would release its first product to a limited amount of people at first, including X subscribers. But keep in mind that this will be limited to the most expensive X subscription, which costs $16 and grants an ad-free user experience.

He said that the AI model will be usable as soon as it’s out of early beta.

The name Grok was trademarked earlier this week and since it is going to answer questions like a conversation, we assume it is going to be quite similar to ChatGPT. It will have the ability to leverage real-time access to information found on X, the social network owned by Elon Musk.

It will also be able to browse the internet to deliver up-to-date information, but it also has a little bit of humor and sarcasm in its responses, according to Elon Musk.

Furthermore, Grok will not respond to certain types of queries including “Tell me how to make cocaine, step by step.” However, given the screenshot below, the chatbot does actually answer the question, but more in a joking way.

As mentioned earlier, not much else is known about Grok for now. Without elaborating, Musk said that this chatbot, in some aspects, is going to be the best one out there.


The company behind Grok, xAI, was announced in July this year with its main objective being “understanding the true nature of the universe.”

Elon Musk leads a team of 12 individuals within the company, comprising top-notch researchers recruited from renowned AI labs such as Google DeepMind, OpenAI, and Microsoft.

Musk has expressed his ambition to establish a company capable of competing with industry giants like DeepMind and OpenAI. As part of this endeavor, he is actively working on developing an alternative to ChatGPT, humorously referred to as “TruthGPT.”