Stability AI, the company behind the popular Stable Diffusion has now launched a new app called Stable 3D, which is able to create 3D models using artificial intelligence. The company says that it is able to create “draft quality” 3D models in a matter of minutes.

These 3D models can be used for various purposes such as game development in software including Blender, Maya, Unreal Engine, Unity, and others.

Stable 3D is currently available in a private preview to a select few people who reached out to Stability AI and filled out a contact form. Here is what the startup says about its latest app on its blog: “For graphic designers, digital artists and game developers, 3D content creation can be among the most complex and time-consuming tasks, often taking hours — sometimes days — to create a moderately complex 3D object. Stable 3D levels the playing field for independent designers, artists and developers, enabling them to create thousands of 3D objects per day at very little cost.”

The best part is that Stable 3D is quite easy to use and also very potent. Users can describe what they want in a few simple words or upload an existing image from their system and convert it into a 3D model. The app outputs the model in a “.obj” file format which is easy to work with using most modern 3D modeling tools.

Stability AI has not talked about Stable 3D’s training data, but given how generative AI usually tends to regurgitate training data, it could be a cause for concern for users in the future. If any of the data is copyrighted or not licensed properly, Stability AI could find itself in legal trouble, much like many other AI tools. This would also mean that Stable 3D users would end up creating IP-infringing work in their projects.

This would make for an alarming situation as Stability AI is not known for caring about copyright infringement. Several artists and Getty itself sued the company earlier this year for using millions of copyrighted images for its training data. Allegedly there was no proper notification or compensation either.