OpenAI unveiled DALL-E 3, the latest version of its AI image generation model earlier this month, which has been built directly into ChatGPT and will be available for the Plus and Enterprise users of the AI chatbot in October. A day after OpenAI announced the DALL-E 3, Microsoft revealed the new Bing Image Creator that’s powered by DALL-E 3. The company did not share the exact date but said the new image creator will be rolled out very soon.

The unveiling of DALL-E 3 has prompted discussions on its superiority compared to Midjourney 5.2. However, access to DALL-E 3 has been limited, and as of now, only a handful of individuals have had the chance to use it.

Thank to MattVidPro, an AI Youtuber, we now know a hack that has worked for a lot of people, including the team at AIbeat, to gain access to DALL-E 3 right away through Bing Image Creator, for free. The method is fairly simple and involves logging into Bing Image Creator using different web browsers or mobile apps, clearing cookies/cache, and reinstalling the Bing app to increase the chances of gaining access to DALL-E 3, as access is apparently tied to browser and cookies, not user accounts.

Here is the step-by-step-process.

1) Log on to Bing Image Creator using Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Brave.

2) Sign in using your Microsoft account.

3) Try using a prompt for which only DALL-E 3 can produce decent results for. Here’s a prompt we tried: “A modern architectural building with large glass windows, situated on a cliff overlooking a serene ocean at sunset, with a sign ‘OpenAI headquarter.”

An image of a 'made up' OpenAI HQ created using Bing Image Creator, powered by DALL-E 3
An image of a ‘made up’ OpenAI HQ created using Bing Image Creator, powered by DALL-E 3

Here’s what the result looked like: The text “OpenAI” is fairly clear, confirming that it was generated by DALL-E 3 on the backend. We also attempted a prompt similar to what MattVidPro suggested, “SpongeBob holding a sign that says Subscribe to AIbeat.”

An image of SpongeBon holding 'Subscribe to AIbeat' sign, created using Bing Image Creator, powered by DALL-E 3
An image of SpongeBon holding ‘Subscribe to AIbeat’ sign, created using Bing Image Creator, powered by DALL-E 3

4) In the event that the results lack coherent text or the text appears too garbled, attempt the process with a different browser. Continue repeating this step until you’ve exhausted all four browser options.

5) If, after trying all four browsers, you still do not get access to DALL-E 3, consider clearing your cookies and caches before making another attempt.

6) If none of the previous steps yield success, you can also explore the option of using Bing’s mobile app. Uninstall the app and then reinstall it. And then follow the steps again from step 1.

All the images produced by Bing Image Creator, powered by DALL-E 3, have a standardized resolution of 1024×1024 pixels, maintaining a 1:1 aspect ratio. The OpenAI version integrated into ChatGPT, however, will offer users the flexibility to select from various aspect ratios. It will also allow users to ask ChatGPT to generate prompt paragraphs for the image model from just a few words describing their idea.

But DALL-E 3 in ChatGPT, as we have discussed above, will only be available for Plus and Enterprise users, costing $20 per month at least. Bing Image Creator can serve as a decent free alternative as it offers generous daily credits for an average user. Every user gets 100 boosts daily, allowing them to run 100 prompts. After using up these boosts, they can still use the generator, but it will be slower. Each prompt on Bing Image Creator creates four unique distinct versions of the picture, all of which differ from one another.