Snapchat has yet another slew of AI-powered features for its paying users. Users subscribed to Snapchat+ can now create and send AI-generated messages based on just a few prompts, the company announced on Tuesday. Other than that, Snapchat is also adding Dream selfies with friends as well as an AI extension tool.

The AI image generator can be used by tapping the “AI” button on the right side of the screen. This includes a few example prompts for image generation such as “a planet made out of cheese” or “a sunny day at the beach”, but users can type their own ideas as well. It takes the app a few seconds to create the image, which can then be edited before sending.

While Snapchat+ users could already use AI to create chat wallpapers or bitmoji backgrounds, they can now also send AI images to friends. It is unclear which specific AI model Snapchat uses for its images, but they have several deals in place with its partners, as reported by TechCrunch.

The Dream selfie feature can be used with friends now so users can turn themselves into mythical creatures such as mermaids or more. Users can take an AI selfie by themselves and then select their friends to add them to the photo. Snapchat+ users have a limit of 8 Dreams a month.

The AI-powered extend tool can expand the borders of a photo that is zoomed in too close. For instance, if there is a photo of a pet that is zoomed in too close, the AI tool can add more to the canvas to create a zoomed-out image. None of this has to be done manually as this feature will automatically provide a zoomed-out version of the image, with the background intelligently filled in using AI.

These Snapchat AI features have been rolling out to paid users over the past two days, but regional availability is not constant.

Launched during the summer this year, Snapchat+ is priced at $3.99 per month. The company reports having over 7 million subscribers to Snapchat+. Recent data reveals that the service experienced its most profitable month yet in terms of in-app revenue, with continued growth showing no signs of deceleration.