Soon after adding Meta AI to WhatsApp and Instagram in some regions, Meta is now testing influencer AI chatbots on Instagram to interact with fans. As The New York Times quotes: “Being an influencer can be a lot of work. Instagram thinks A.I. can lend a big hand.”

This new type of chatbot is called Creator AI and it is still in its early stages with Instagram reaching out to influencers to power the program. According to insiders familiar with the program, Creator AI will allow influencers to interact with fans on Instagram through direct messages and it is expected to expand to Instagram comments too.

The bot will be able to copy an Influencer’s voice and use it to respond to fans. The majority of these messages will be automated and will initially reveal that they are generated by AI. This should allow Influencers with a vast amount of followers to interact with each one without having to be personally involved with each message.

The idea was recently pitched to creators by Instagram’s director of fashion partnerships, Eva Chen. Instagram has also been reaching out to agencies and briefing them on the projects. It is unclear whether these AI influencer chatbots will be widely accessible across the globe or only in select regions.

One of the insiders revealed that creators working on this project will be able to select the data Meta can use to copy their voice. This data will include their social media posts. direct messages, comments, Reels, and Instagram stories. Influencers will be able to choose specific responses for different questions as well.

Since Creator AI is still in its early stages, it will likely take a while before it becomes available to the public. A spokesman from Meta declined to comment on the matter.

Meta has worked on similar projects in the past such as AI avatars that were based on celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Mr. Beast, Billie Eilish, and many others. These AI avatars were essentially virtual characters made to interact with fans.