2023 appears to be ending on a good note for the generative AI field as multiple tech giants have introduced notable upgrades for their AI models across the board. Google just announced Gemini, its most capable multimodal AI model, while Meta is also enhancing its AI model with social media focused features.

Image Generator for Browsers

Meta’s image generator will now be available outside of its Meta AI chatbot, but all the AI-generated images will be watermarked for better transparency and traceability. The image generator will now be usable through web browsers for people in the US.

This image generator is based on Meta’s Emu model, which also powers the company’s video generator, though it is only a research project for now.

Upgrades for Social Media

Other than that, the chatbot will also provide more accurate answers and will work with Meta’s suite of social apps including Facebook and Instagram.

This is an approach similar to Google’s AI update for YouTube with summarized comment sections, and improved search results, but Meta AI also brings group chat topic suggestions and quick product descriptions for stores. Moreover, AI-generated replies are also coming to Instagram Messenger, but this will be exclusive to influencers.


Meta has announced that its Imagine AI-powered image generator is one of its most popular chatbot features. Imagine is now getting an aptly named feature called “Reimagine”. As the name says, this allows users to alter an AI-generated image with a few text prompts and create a brand-new picture. This will be available in group chats so everyone can get creative with their imagination.


Reels in Suggestions

When asked about the best places to visit and attractions in an area, Meta AI will be able to suggest users with Reels showing ideal spots to visit. Reels are available on both Facebook and Instagram, so it is likely that the feature will be available on both social networks.


Additionally, Meta is actively developing AI applications for Facebook that encompass a range of functionalities. These include crafting personalized birthday messages, editing posts in the feed, generating introductory content for Facebook dating profiles, and assisting in the creation of new groups.

Long-Term Memory for Celebrity Chatbots

Unlike rival AI chatbots, Meta AI is able to personify celebrities and famous people and chat with users in their style. This function will now have long-term memory, letting users continue their old conversations at a later date.

Lastly, Meta’s chatbots will be able to browse the internet from now on using Microsoft’s Bing algorithm.