Soon after launching its latest AI model Gemini, Google has publicly launched NotebookLM, an AI chatbot with a focus on productivity that is powered by Gemini Pro. It was available to a small group of testers earlier this year, but now it is rolling out for all customers in the US.

Google calls the NotebookLM an industry-first AI-powered Notebook. While it was already based on Google’s PaLM 2 LLM, it will now work alongside the newly announced Gemini AI model. This will bring some new features to the table such as better document reasoning and understanding.

NotebookLM was already capable of summarizing an extensive amount of notes and documents, arranging them into key points, and answering questions about note citations. But now Google will allow users to select all notes, combine them into one large note, create a study guide, create an outline, or suggest related ideas.

Here’s how NotebookLM might turn a group of notes into an outline.

NoteBookLM will also be capable of providing dynamic suggestions based on what the user is doing at the moment. For instance, if the user is writing a note, the AI app will suggest: “tools to polish or refine your prose, or suggest related ideas from your sources based on what you’ve just written.”

The new app update introduces several additional useful features, such as the ability to save valuable responses from NotebookLM as notes, share these notes with others, and direct NotebookLM’s AI toward specific sources during conversations.

Additionally, Google is extending some of the limitations of NotebookLM. Users can now include up to 20 sources in their notebooks, with each source accommodating up to 200,000 words.

Google NotebookLM originally started off as “Project Tailwind” and was first announced during the company’s I/O developer conference, which is typically home to new Android OS announcements. Now that it is publicly launched in the US, it means all users over the age of 18 can use it in the US.

Users looking to try NotebookLM can head over to this link.