Update – July 25, 2023: The Android app for ChatGPT is now available for download in the United States, India, Bangladesh, and Brazil, the company announced today, adding that it will be launched in more countries over the next week. The users in these countries can download the app here.


Just two months after launching the iOS app, OpenAI is now gearing to launch the Android app for their popular AI bot, next week. The announcement was made by OpenAI on their social media channels on Saturday. We had reported in April that the company was building iOS and Android apps.

The users can pre-register for the Android App on Google PlayStore using this link to receive a notification when it becomes available in their region.

The company hasn’t shared a specific date but has stated that the rollout will begin next week. According to the description on its page, the app will sync history across devices. OpenAI hasn’t shared details about any other features that the app may have. The iOS app of ChatGPT, which was launched in May, comes with a voice input feature, so it is likely that we will see it make its way to Android as well.

OpenAI’s chatbot was launched in November and has amassed over 100 million users, becoming the fastest consumer internet product to reach this milestone (though it was later overtaken by Instagram’s Threads a few months later). The AI lab has been shipping products at an immense speed, which is frequently a topic of discussion on Twitter.

Earlier this week, OpenAI had also announced the launch of a personalization feature, Custom Instructions for ChatGPT, which enables users to tell ChatGPT about themselves or what they’re looking for receive personalized responses for all their future questions.