T Mobile’s majority owner Deutsche Telekom plans to unveil a new app-free smartphone that will run on generative AI on February 26. The phone will be titled T Phone and it will have what the company calls a “generative interface.”

Deutsche Telekom says that the aim of T Phone is to humanize interactions in smart devices by replacing fixed apps with personalized experiences. The concept here is similar to the recently revealed Rabbit R1 unveiled at CES 2024. That device also focuses on a “personalized operating system” powered by AI.

Available T-Phone without apps. Instead, an AI listens to the user's wishes.

To make the T Phone a reality, Deutsche Telekom has joined hands with American chipmaker Qualcomm as well as Brain.ai to enable cloud-based AI to power the phone. This would mean that the T Phone would have to rely on an internet connection to perform its AI tasks rather than processing them on-device like other smartphones. But since it is cloud-based AI, it will also work with entry-level phones that lack flagship hardware to run AI tasks.

Since the company is partnering with Qualcomm, it most likely means that the T Phone will feature a Snapdragon chip, though it remains to be seen which one it is going to be. On the other hand, Brain.ai, known for its generative interfaces, has helped create an app-free interface for the smartphone. This will work through AI predicting and generating the next interface for users contextually.

Similar to the Rabbit R1, the T Phone will also feature a voice-activated AI assistant that will be able to perform various tasks for users such as booking airplane tickets, shopping, logistics, and creative tasks.

Additionally, Deutsche Telekom plans to unveil a more powerful version of the phone featuring the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, which will be capable of on-device AI processing, which would make “the AI particularly fast, energy-efficient and more customized to each user.”

The app-less architecture of the T Phone might seem at odds with today’s user-interface norms, yet it could ideally enhance the upcoming shifts due to advancements in on-device AI. It’s clear that the era of mobile artificial intelligence is poised to become a mainstream reality in the very near future.

More details should be revealed at the official unveiling at MWC 2024 Barcelona.

Via: T Mobile