OpenAI’s text-to-video AI model took the industry by storm with its extremely high-quality photorealistic visuals. Called Sora, this AI model is not only able to create new videos from scratch but can also extend existing videos by adding new footage to match or edit them as needed.

However, although the demonstration videos for Sora were quite impressive, the company was yet to reveal a launch date, up until now at least. OpenAI’s Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati has revealed through an interview that Sora will be ready to go in a few months.

Murati’s interview comes through the Wall Street Journal, which also posted it on YouTube. During this interview, Murati confirmed that Sora will be launching later this year. For now, the model is still being tested by experts for risk assessment ahead of launch. Check out the interview video below.

While this doesn’t provide a precise release date, it’s reassuring to understand that the launch isn’t multiple years in the future. Upon its arrival, Sora will offer the capability to edit the videos it generates. Initially, these videos will lack audio, but the addition of sound is planned for a subsequent update.

Murati has noted that running Sora is significantly costlier than other AI models. Despite this, OpenAI is committed to offering it at a cost akin to that of DALL-E, its AI tool for generating images. From a safety and security perspective, videos created using Sora will bear watermarks, and the model will “likely” restrict the generation of videos featuring public figures.

GPT 4.5 Turbo

OpenAI is also working on releasing its next big update to ChatGPT soon called GPT 4.5 Turbo. This news comes from leaks originating from OpenAI itself. The company shared a blog post recently, announcing GPT 4.5 Turbo as well as its improved capabilities, before quickly removing the article.

GPT 4.5 Turbo Confirmed : r/OpenAI

The blog post which has now been removed revealed that GPT 4.5 Turbo will be faster, more accurate, and also more scalable. This model will update ChatGPT’s knowledge cutoff date to June 2024, which is why some believe that the new model will be unveiled in June, which also happens to be GPT 4’s anniversary.