Shopify has unveiled various new updates and products as part of the Summer 2023 Edition, which serves as its semi-annual showcase of the latest products and innovations. And the biggest highlight is AI.

Earlier this month, the company had already unveiled Sidekick, its AI assistant for ecommerce merchants. Now, they have announced a few more AI tools integrated into their platform, aiming to make various workflows easier for online store owners. All these tools, including Sidekick, are part of Shopify Magic, a suite of AI-enabled features integrated across Shopify’s platform.

The company has announced that it is launching nine new Shopify Magic features, biggest of which include:

FAQ and response recommendations personalized for a merchant’s store: The store owners can have Shopify Magic draft custom replies for the most common customer questions and then publish them through Shopify Inbox after reviewing and making any necessary changes. The next time a customer asks the same question, the answer is automatically shared with them, eliminating the need for the merchant to respond in real-time.

Auto-generated blog posts: Shopify Magic will enable merchants to automatically generate a blog post for anything with a simple prompt. The merchants can also customize the tone of voice and translate into different languages.

Auto-generated emails: From the subject line to the entire emails, merchants can use Shopify Magic to draft it all. Additionally, they receive recommendations on the best time to send these emails to customers for optimal performance.

Sidekick, obviously is still the biggest AI product to come out of Shopify. It hasn’t launched yet but will be available for early access soon. The Shopify merchants looking for early access can sign up here.

All of Shopify’s AI features are available for free, without any extra charges.

Here’s a video featuring company’s Director of Product, explaining all these new AI features.