The R1, a compact device by Rabbit designed to streamline app usage, has rapidly exceeded expectations by selling out its initial batch. In an announcement shared on X (formerly Twitter), the startup Rabbit disclosed that it achieved a remarkable feat by selling 10,000 units within a single day.

Rabbit writes: “When we started building r1, we said internally that we’d be happy if we sold 500 devices on launch day,” Rabbit writes. “In 24 hours, we already beat that by 20x.”

Unveiled during CES just recently, the R1 features a petite 2.88-inch touchscreen and operates on Rabbit’s proprietary Rabbit OS. This innovative device harnesses the power of a “Large Action Model,” which serves as a versatile controller for a wide range of applications. This allows it to function as a universal interface for tasks such as music playback, grocery shopping, and messaging, all without the need for constant smartphone reliance. Additionally, users have the capability to train the R1 to interact effectively with specific apps, enhancing its adaptability and utility.

The overwhelming demand for the R1 underscores the growing enthusiasm for devices that simplify digital interactions, and Rabbit’s success in this venture marks a significant step forward in the integration of technology into people’s daily lives.

While the initial batch of R1 devices has quickly sold out, eager customers still have the opportunity to secure their R1 by placing a preorder on Rabbit’s official website. Rabbit has provided estimated delivery windows for these preorders, with expected shipment dates falling between April and May of 2024.

For those fortunate individuals who managed to place orders prior to the first wave of device sell-outs, there’s even better news. Shipments for these early orders are set to commence in March, offering a head start for those who were quick to embrace this innovative gadget.

Last but not least, Rabbit has also announced changes to its returns and cancellation policy which can be viewed here. Users can also find more information and support on Rabbit’s Discord community.