OpenAI’s GPT Store, initially delayed for several months, has now been launched, marking a significant milestone. This store provides a platform for users to share their custom chatbots, further enhancing the capabilities of ChatGPT and extending OpenAI’s ecosystem beyond its proprietary offerings.

Following the announcement of the GPT Builder program in November, OpenAI has reported that users have created over 3 million bots, known as GPTs. This substantial user-generated content demonstrates the enthusiastic engagement of the community. OpenAI has outlined its intention to feature valuable GPTs on a weekly basis within the store.

Initially scheduled for a November launch, OpenAI’s GPT Store experienced delays, pushing its release to December and eventually to January. This eagerly awaited platform provides a space for individuals who have crafted their own chatbots to publicly share their customized versions of ChatGPT. However, it’s important to note that, at present, only subscribers to OpenAI’s premium tiers have the privilege of creating and utilizing custom GPTs.

In addition to the GPT Store launch, OpenAI has introduced plans for a revenue-sharing initiative set to commence in the first quarter of this year. This program is designed to compensate GPT creators based on the engagement that users have with their chatbots. While OpenAI has unveiled its intentions for revenue sharing, specific details regarding the mechanics of this compensation system have not yet been disclosed.

OpenAI has also introduced a review system to ensure all custom GPTs meet the company’s guidelines and policies. It also allows users to report harmful or unsafe GPTs to OpenAI.

As part of its rollout strategy, the GPT Store will initially be accessible to users of ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise, catering to those who have subscribed to OpenAI’s premium offerings.

ChatGPT Team

Furthermore, a new tier, aptly named Team, will also be introduced, extending access to a broader audience and fostering greater collaboration within the OpenAI community.

ChatGPT Team, designed for modestly sized teams of up to 150 members, is a premium iteration of ChatGPT. This variant aligns closely with the ChatGPT Enterprise model, providing similar benefits such as access to GPT-4, DALL-E 3, and the Advanced Data Analysis feature offered by OpenAI. It emphasizes data privacy and security, ensuring that user data and conversations remain exclusive and aren’t utilized in training any of OpenAI’s models.

Unique to ChatGPT Team is the ability for subscribers to tailor-make GPTs to meet their specific team requirements, alongside the option to leverage existing GPTs from the store.

In terms of pricing, ChatGPT Team is offered at two rates: a yearly subscription at $25 per user each month, or a more flexible monthly subscription at $30 per user.