Pika Labs, an AI startup that has been working actively on a generative AI  platform for video editing, just released its latest and greatest model, Pika 1.0. This new model is labeled as an “idea to video platform” and it is able to create videos and 3d animation with just a few words.

The trailer from Pika Labs shows what Pika 1.0 is capable of. The videos and 3d animations in the trailer were completely created by the AI.

As the teaser shows, Pika 1.0 not only works with text, but is also capable of taking image input. Users can simply upload an image to the AI tool and provide directions through prompts. As shown in the video, uploading an image of the popular painting, the Last Supper, will create an animation out of it.

Additionally, it can turn images into logos by embedding the image inside the video.

This can be used to create advertisements that originally took 30 people and a month to make. The AI can do so with just one person and less than a day’s work.

But that’s not the end of it either as it can even work with video input. For instance, if there is a simple two-dimensional video, it can turn it into a full-0n 3d animation.

As for more video editing-focused features, Pika 1.0 is capable of adjusting the aspect ratio of video clips. This can be used to expand the canvas from a small-sized 1:1 aspect ratio to 9:16 and even a widescreen 16:9. Even more magical is the ability to transform objects in a video, such as changing a person’s entire outfit, or give a pair of sunglasses to a monkey. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Pika 1.0 can be used to create movie trailers made entirely from AI, for instance, one inspired by Star Wars. This could reshape the future of the film industry one day.

Pika 1.0 is now rolling out publicly to users through a web version and via Discord. Interested users can sign up and join a waitlist through their Google or Discord accounts. Keep in mind that the AI tool is still in beta, meaning more enhancements can be expected from a final release.