After opening a new office in Japan earlier this month, OpenAI has now released an optimized version of its flagship GPT 4 Turbo model to work better with the Japanese language. GPT 4 Turbo has recently received upgrades to its response time and accuracy.

OpenAI’s foray into the Japanese market does not end there as the startup also plans to work with the local government, companies, and research organizations, to create AI tools that are able to meet the needs of Japanese users. OpenAI claims that it wants to help the country’s AI ecosystem and help resolve societal challenges in Japan.

OpenAI’s Japan office will be headed by Tadao Nagasaki, who will act as the president. The company is providing Japanese companies with an optimized version of GPT 4 Turbo which is said to be 3 times faster than the regular GPT 4 model, which should help improve Japanese translations and summaries. This version will also save costs by reducing the amount of input tokens required for prompts. This means users can do more with less input.

Japanese companies including Daikin, Rakuten, and Toyota, as well as governments such as the City of Yokosuka, have already started integrating ChatGPT into their business to help automate processes and enhance public service efficiency.

OpenAI reports that the City of Yokosuka has granted nearly universal access to ChatGPT for its employees, with 80% noting a boost in productivity. Additionally, Yokosuka is spearheading an initiative to create a collaborative network with 21 other local governments, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the City of Kobe, aimed at exchanging best practices for deploying ChatGPT in government functions.

Back in 2023, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman met with the Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to discuss ChatGPT in Japan. He also talked about opening local offices in Japan. The Tokyo government has been incorporating ChatGPT into pilot projects within its administration, exploring its potential to enhance governmental operations.

OpenAI’s expansion into Japan marks the company’s third international office after London and Dublin. Perhaps this way ChatGPT will be able to expand its Enterprise customers and expand its user base, which has been stagnating compared to its biggest rivals.

Via: The Decoder