OpenAI recently introduced its long-promised GPT Store for custom chatbots and now these chatbots have become a lot easier to add into conversations with ChatGPT. The AI company has quietly introduced a new feature, allowing users to mention GPTs in chats.

The new feature is called ‘GPT mentions’ and it works just like Slack and Discord’s mention feature, except here it lets users seamlessly integrate custom chatbots into their currently open chat. This removes the extra step of heading to the GPT Store to find the right chatbot.

Using this feature is quite simple. Users have to type in “@” during a ChatGPT conversation and it will show a list of GPTs that can be mentioned and used. Multiple GPTs can also be mentioned and used within a chat for enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows.

There has been no official announcement from OpenAI itself, but the feature was spotted earlier by Dan Shipper on X. He has also shared a video walkthrough on how to use this feature.

For now, the feature is only available to ChatGPT premium users, and only a select few of those, however, a wider rollout is expected to happen soon.

While the introduction of Mentions may appear to be a modest feature enhancement on the surface, its significance and potential impact cannot be understated. Gaining the ability to mention multiple GPTs at once would bring users closer to getting multiple AI agents working for them at once, all in a single chat.

The implications of this development are poised to be transformative, offering users a dynamic and efficient means of harnessing the collective capabilities of AI in their interactions. As shown in the video above, the feature allows users to quickly bring up a chatbot and finish tasks without having to navigate between different apps.

It is also worth mentioning that since the feature is still in its beta phase, we can expect to see more improvements once it gets a wider rollout. We may also get an official announcement from OpenAI following a full release.