LinkedIn, the Microsoft-owned professional network, is reportedly building an AI assistant to help close to a billion members on its platform with job applications, learning new skills, and more. The development was reported by app researcher Nima Awji on Twitter (or X?) on Thursday.

He shared a screenshot of what is apparently the home screen of the AI chatbot. The company is calling it LinkedIn Coach.

The description states, “Apply for jobs, learn new skills, and find more ways to connect with your network – all backed by the power of AI” and comes with a disclaimer, “Coach is new, and it may get things wrong. Your feedback will help improve the experience for everyone.”

LinkedIn Coach - LinkedIn's AI assistant - Screenshot
LinkedIn Coach – LinkedIn’s AI assistant – Screenshot

The prompt examples in the screenshot suggest that the AI chatbot will use LinkedIn data to answer user’s questions.

LinkedIn had launched multiple AI features, including AI-generated recruiter messages, AI-enhanced job descriptions, and AI-powered profile building, just three months ago. However, it hadn’t shared any details about the AI chatbot at the time, so the launch date or official details remain unclear at this point.

It is safe to assume that LinkedIn is leveraging OpenAI’s ChatGPT for building this AI assistant, given that its parent company, Microsoft, is one of the biggest investors and partners of the AI lab. Microsoft has already integrated OpenAI’s LLMs into numerous products including Bing, Microsoft 365, and GitHub.