Apple is investing heavily in generative AI and rumor has it that iOS 18 will introduce AI features for iPhones at the upcoming WWDC event in June. Older reports mentioned that Apple is building and training its own AI models for this purpose, but a new rumor suggests that Apple may just turn to Google’s Gemini AI.

The report comes from Bloomberg citing insider sources familiar with the matter which claim that Apple is considering a Gemini AI licensing deal with Google. This would come as no surprise as multiple industry giants are using Gemini to power their devices including Samsung’s Galaxy S24 lineup. Google’s own Pixel 8 series also uses Gemini Nano.

Other than Google, sources claim that Apple is also contemplating a partnership with OpenAI for its GPT models.

As mentioned earlier, older reports have pointed toward an in-house large-language model (LLM) at Cupertino called Ajax. This Ajax LLM is allegedly using up millions of dollars to run every single day.

However, a partnership with Google is easier to believe as Apple already has a significant search engine deal with Google that makes Apple about $18 billion a year. Additionally, Gemini Nano is already well-optimized to run on consumer devices such as smartphones. It is also possible that Apple’s licensing deal with Google is temporary until Ajax is fully ready to go.

Apple AI Startup Acquisitions

Apple’s push into the AI industry becomes apparent given all its recent AI startup acquisitions. The latest startup to join Apple is called DarwinAI, which is a Canadian firm that specializes in visually inspecting components during a manufacturing process. But what Apple is likely interested in is DarwinAI’s work on reducing the size and increasing the speed of AI systems, which would help Cupertino enable on-device AI processing.

As part of the acquisition, a significant amount of the workforce at DarwinAI has now been integrated directly into Apple’s AI division. Additionally, Alexander Wong, a distinguished AI researcher from the University of Waterloo and co-founder of the company has now taken a leadership role at Apple’s AI wing. He is now the director of his division at Apple.