OpenAI’s next big update to ChatGPT is coming soon as pointed out by several leaks sourced from search engine results. This new model upgrade would be called GPT 4.5, and it is expected to be faster, more accurate, and more scalable.

But that doesn’t mean OpenAI is simply just abandoning its current generation models. A new leak shared by ChatGPT plugin developer Tibor Blaho shows that GPT 4 as well as DALL-E 3 are scheduled to get new features soon, one of which may revoke the message limitation on GPT 4.

Blaho has a solid track record with ChatGPT leaks. He also uncovered the chatbot’s memory feature before it was released to the public.


The screenshot shared by Blaho shows a preview version of ChatGPT which uses a novel model switch feature that hints at a potential message limit, a departure from the current restriction of 40 messages every three hours.

Blaho also uncovered an additional feature in this ChatGPT version called Model Tuner Selector, which is able to intelligently allocate requests between GPT 3.5 and 4 to increase response times by saving process power. It will also save users’ GPT 4 quota. This system aims to assign simpler inquiries to GPT-3.5, reserving GPT-4’s capabilities for more complex questions. Users have the option to disable this feature directly within the chat settings.

This list of enhancements continues in this version with a special “upgraded response” feature. If users are unsatisfied with a response from GPT 3.5, they will be able to seamlessly upgrade the response using GPT 4 with just a press of a button. This is likely a move to bring more users to the paid version of ChatGPT since a vast majority of users are still using the free GPT 3.5 model, even though its performance has been lackluster lately.

Speaking of seamless use, OpenAI is also planning to allow ChatGPT use without an account, which would lower the barrier to entry. But using an account will still have its benefits such as chat history, sharing chats, and more.

As mentioned earlier, the AI image generator DALL-E 3 is getting some upgrades as well. OpenAI is planning to add inpainting to the AI model, letting users make modifications to a specific part of an image with simple text descriptions. It will also get a new layout that will show the chat on the side, but the image preview will remain in focus.

There has been no official announcement from OpenAI yet, so a launch date for these new features remains unknown. As for GPT 4.5, it is expected to be released sometime during June this year.