OpenAI’s next big upgrade to ChatGPT, dubbed to be GPT 4.5/4.5 Turbo, has leaked time and time again, but now we have official confirmation from CEO Sam Altman himself, although he never explicitly mentioned its name.

Sam Altman recently appeared on a podcast interview with YouTuber Lex Fridman where he talked about a variety of topics including the Elon Musk lawsuit, AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), GPT 5, as well as the upcoming GPT 4.5. Altman has indicated that OpenAI is set to unveil various projects and additional significant items before discussing GPT-5. Among these upcoming releases, the Sora video model, also targeted for a 2024 launch, might be included.

The reason why the next big model is expected to be GPT 4.5 is because, as mentioned earlier, it has appeared in leaks sourced from the company itself. A GPT 4.5 landing page was briefly indexed by a few search engines before it was quickly removed by the company. This landing page was, in fact, an OpenAI blog post about GPT 4.5, which even detailed its enhancements over GPT 4.

According to this blog post, GPT 4.5 is going to be faster, more accurate, and more scalable than its predecessor, GPT 4 Turbo. It is also going to boast double the context window of GPT 4 Turbo with 256,000 input tokens, which is about 200,000 words, making it ideal for even comprehensive documents such as research papers.

The expected release date for GPT 4.5 is currently June, since that is the knowledge cut-off data it is going for and it also happens to be the anniversary of GPT 4.

Other releases on OpenAI’s table at the moment include its impressive text-to-video AI model Sora, which is slated to come out in 2024 as well. Company CTO Mira Murati had earlier appeared in a Wall Street Journal interview, revealing that Sora should be ready to go public “in a few months.”

During the interview with Fridman, Altman remained tight-lipped about the much-anticipated Q* project, widely regarded as a significant advancement in artificial intelligence. Despite his reluctance to delve into specifics, Altman did reveal that the project centers around logic, an area that continues to pose challenges within the field.

Altman expressed dissatisfaction with both GPT-4 Turbo and GPT-4, describing them as subpar. He anticipates that the leap from GPT-4 to GPT-5 could mirror the significant advancements made from GPT-3 to GPT-4. Additionally, Altman mentioned that Ilya is doing well and clarified that he has not encountered AGI (Artificial General Intelligence).

Via: The Decoder