The world’s most popular internet browser, Google Chrome, is in for some AI upgrades, some of which will be powered by the software company’s newly announced Gemini AI model.

There are two main upgrades Google is working on at the moment: Create Theme and Help Me Write. While Chrome already lets users create a custom theme with different color options, Create Theme will be far more capable thanks to generative AI.

Create Theme with AI

Much like Google Pixel 8 phones, which can create custom wallpapers based on different prompts, Chrome will soon be able to do the same, but with themes.

Notable industry insider Leopeva64 has shared demo videos showing what this feature will look like.

According to the video, Create Theme with AI will allow users to pick a subject with 12 options to choose from. The options include Space, famous US cities, historical structures like the Great Wall of China, and more. It also includes different art styles to choose from such as oil painting, 3D animation, etc.

AI themes can be further refined by choosing a mood. The demonstration video shows a romantic undertone alongside a solar system theme. There are several color options for the overall look of the theme as well.

After making all the selections, users can click the Create button to generate a personalized theme, but Chrome fails to do so in the demonstration video. This is because the feature is still in its early stages through the Chrome Canary program for developers and it is not available to the public yet.

Help Me Write

The second feature coming to Chrome soon, as mentioned earlier, is Help Me Write. This will provide users with contextual writing suggestions similar to Gmail and Google Docs. For instance, it can help write online reviews after receiving just a few prompts.

The release date for this second update is currently unknown as it is still in the development phase. 9To5Google speculates that it could potentially debut in Chrome 122, expected to be released in February 2024.