San Francisco-headquartered AI-powered medical diagnosis platform Glass Health has raised $5 million in a seed round led by Initializaed Capital, it announced in a statement today. The round also includes participation of Tom Lee, founder of One Medical, Epocrates, and Galileo Health; Connor Landgraf, founder and CEO of Eko Health; and Heather Hasson & Trina Spear, the co-founders of FIGS. The startup earlier this year had also raised money from Breyer Capital and was part of Y Combinator’s Winter 2023 batch.

Founded in 2021 by Dereck Paul and Graham Ramsey, Glass Health is essentially building an AI assistant for clinicians (mainly doctors) that can help them in diagnosis, clinical decisions, and drafting clinical plans. The startup does it by combining large language model with what it says is evidence-based, peer-reviewed clinical guidelines created and maintained by its team of physicians. Glass Health aims to increase diagnostic accuracy, improve patient outcomes, and to eliminate clinician burnout worldwide, with its platform.

The AI platform can be used by clinicians by just entering basic details of the patient and their symptoms as a prompt. An example that the startup has it on its website reads: “65-year-old woman with history of diabetes and hyperlipidemia presents with acute-onset chest pain and diaphoresis found to have hyperacute T-waves without ST elevation.” The prompt generates drafts of differential diagnosis and clinical health plans for the patient.

How Glass Health works. Screenshots of the platform in action.

Glass Health has designed its platform to be doctor-facing rather than patient-facing to essentially ensure that clinicians can supervise and review the generated output before applying it or sharing it with the patient.

The startup also believes that powerful LLMs must be fine-tuned by physicians and utilize up-to-date, evidence-based, and peer-reviewed clinical recommendations to be truly useful in the clinical environment. For its platform, it connects a large language model to its database of clinical guidelines created and maintained by the its team of academic physicians.

Parul Singh, Partner at Initialized Capital, said, “Glass Health is leading the way on how artificial intelligence can be leveraged to augment physicians, create unprecedented value, and transform our healthcare system for the better.”

The startup originally began as an online notebook or a personal knowledge management system for physicians, designed to store, organize, and share information related to learning and practicing medicine. It pivoted to an AI platform for diagnosis and clinical plans earlier this year.