Figma, the leading design platform, has launched Jambot, an AI assistant powered by ChatGPT, in its online whiteboard software FigJam. The chatbot that is currently in an open-beta as a FigJam widget can help users with different tasks, ranging from brainstorming ideas and constructing visual mind maps to getting answers to quick questions and rewriting content.

“With Jambot, you can bring the power of ChatGPT directly into FigJam to help you spark a first draft and make progress faster,” said the company in its announcement.

The design startup, which had agreed to be acquired by Adobe for $20 billion last year (the acquisition has not yet closed), had previously announced various AI features planned for integration into its platform earlier this year. However, its most significant AI-related announcement thus far has been the acquisition of the design AI startup, Diagram. Figma purchased Diagram earlier this year for an undisclosed sum.

Noah Levin, the Vice President of Product Design at Figma thinks that AI will play a central role in how team works in Figma, “We’re exploring how AI might help you generate and synthesize early ideas with a simple prompt. Or perhaps it can help you move faster during the design phase by tapping into your existing designs and design systems, and surfacing component recommendations for you to build upon. And at the development phase, we’re iterating on ways to help developers infer more context more quickly to help generate better production code.”

Adding further in a blog post, he stated, “AI can help us do more—across every part of the product development process—faster. It’s not a feature, but a core capability; more than a product, it’s a platform that can up-level our work to the plane of problem solving—arguably the core pursuit of our craft, and the reason many of us got into design and product building in the first place.”

Figma’s future parent, Adobe, has been shipping AI features across its product suite at a much faster pace than Figma, during the last six months. It has launched many significant AI features, including the highly popular Generative Fill for Adobe Photoshop.

Even though Jambot seems to be a small piece of Figma’s AI puzzle, it has kicked things off for the company and we should expect to see many more AI launches from the design firm in the next few months.