Cohere, the Canadian AI startup and OpenAI rival has launched Coral, an AI assistant for enterprises that it says can improve how companies do business. The tool that can be used with simple prompts like any other AI chatbot helps users receive responses based on their company data and external sources, to boost productivity, improve customer experience or create business analysis. The chatbot uses Cohere’s latest Command model that is retrained on a weekly basis.

“By dramatically improving the speed and accuracy of the information that employees have when developing business analysis, companies will be able to make smarter, better-informed decisions more quickly,” noted the launch announcement.

Martin Kon, Cohere’s President & COO of Cohere, said, “Coral is the next leap forward, capturing the huge potential of generative AI in a platform that will change how companies and employees do business. Like the internet browser and smartphone before, AI has now reached an inflection point, shifting from an amazing novelty, to something that will fundamentally change how every business operates.”

The following prompt examples that are available on Coral’s product page give an idea of some of the uses cases.

  • Create a summary of Globex Corp’s most recent 10-k filing
  • Explain large language models to a non-technical retail exec
  • Write three customer recall notices for the Racer-5

The AI knowledge assistant, as the company calls it, offers users the ability to verify the validity and interpretation of responses by providing citations to both company data and publicly available sources. This addresses the hallucination problem often associated with Language Model-based systems (LLMs).

Cohere claims that Coral also offers better privacy and security than other AI solutions. It is deployed in private environments, allowing companies to use any cloud provider like Oracle, Amazon, and Google, a virtual private cloud, or on-premises to store their data. “Sensitive data will never leave the secure data environment that the company has carefully established.”

The tool can connect with 100+ data sources inside a company including documents, databases, knowledge bases, CRMs, ERPs, collaboration tools, and customer support software.

The company hasn’t share any pricing details for the Coral.