OpenAI’s ChatGPT took the AI industry by storm to the point it has now spawned half a dozen rival products with tech giants investing heavily in the market.

But this is just the beginning.

British start-up Tomoro has highlighted the concept of revolutionary ‘AI agents’ that could take office jobs in the near future and transform the workplace permanently. These agents, based on advanced AI systems, would be used as personal assistants or synthetic employees, capable of making decisions on their own without any supervision.

This concept gained prominence recently through Tomoro as it hopes to reduce the working week to three days in the upcoming five years. The startup’s founder Ed Broussard described AI to be as big of a discovery as farming.

He said: “Imagine telling a hunter-gatherer that in the future there would be an abundance of food, and it would take no effort to eat. That’s what AI will do for productivity in the workplace. We’re not talking about simple automation or the removal of repetitive tasks. Tomoro will be integrating synthetic employees into businesses alongside real people that have the ability to reason, grow, increase their knowledge, adapt their tone, and solve problems.”

Unlike ChatGPT, which requires prompts and precise instructions to work, these AI agents will be engineered for independent thought and action, with abilities extending beyond mere text and image creation. They will be capable of internet browsing, app utilization, and even conducting financial transactions.

Activating them is straightforward: assign a task, and they autonomously generate a list of objectives and strategize on how to accomplish it.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates believes that this workplace revolution with AI agents could be achieved in five years. He says that people will be able to tell their computers what to do and the AI system would take care of the rest.

He said: “You won’t have to use different apps for different tasks. You’ll simply tell your device, in everyday language, what you want to do. In the near future, anyone who’s online will be able to have a personal assistant powered by artificial intelligence that’s far beyond today’s technology.”

Market analysts are also optimistic about the growth of the AI market. Research by MarketDigits forecasts that the market will reach a value of $65 billion by 2030, with an annual growth rate of 45%.