In a recent blog post, Adobe revealed that it is incorporating generative AI features into its Premiere Pro video editing software, which is currently the most used video editing tool in the market.

The biggest advantage of the new AI features would be that editors will no longer need to leave Premier Pro to add effects such as extending video clips, adding or removing objects, or creating B-roll footage that is otherwise missing from the original clip. Better yet, generative AI would take less than a minute to add all these effects, something which can normally take hours.

The video below shows these features in action.

According to Adobe’s product manager, Ashley Still, the new suite of AI features aim to target three key areas for editors in Premier Pro such as: a smooth blend with current workflows and tools, quicker modification of existing content, and increased control and flexibility for editors.

These tools are powered by Adobe’s very own AI model called Firefly Video, which is still being developed. It will join its sibling Firefly AI models soon which handle image, vector, design, and text effects. Adobe plans to provide access to third-party AI models in the future too as the company seeks to partner up with notable names such as OpenAI, RunawayML, and Pika. This may mean that OpenAI’s upcoming Sora video generator model will be accessible through Premier Pro as well.

Adobe has also added Generative Extend to Premier Pro, which should allow editors to extend a clip, make precise cuts, hold a scene, or cover transitions. Furthermore, there are AI-powered masking and tracking features onboard that will simplify the process of selecting and manipulating moving objects. These capabilities, when used in conjunction with the Object Add and Object Remove features, allow editors to replace objects, eliminate distractions, or introduce new props into scenes.

Meanwhile, the Generative B-Roll feature, as mentioned earlier, will let editors create missing video clips for B-Roll purposes with simple text instructions. This can be used to generate placeholder clips for scheduling purposes as well.

Via: The Decoder