This week seems to have no end for new AI language model launches as Adobe has just unveiled Firefly Image 3, its third upgrade to its AI image generator within a year. This news comes right after Meta launched the open-source Llama 3 and Mistral announced Mixtral 8x22B.

As expected, Adobe’s new Firefly Image 3 will power its popular image editor Photoshop, but will also be available as a standalone browser version. The new Firefly was announced at the company’s in-house creative conference Max in London. The announcement included new beta tools for Photoshop as well.

Like most other generative AI image editing apps, Photoshop has also added Generative Fill inpainting, which should particularly be useful since it can fix parts of an image in no time.

Adobe claims that Firefly 3 is much more capable than its predecessors, Firefly, and Firefly 2 with higher quality results. These enhancements have enabled increased creative control and new auto-stylization features. It includes enhancements like Structure Reference and Style Reference, better photo quality, more accurate prompts, and a broader array of styles for illustrations and symbols.

The company also highlights that the new model significantly boosts generation speed, thereby streamlining the ideation and design phases to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Firefly Image 3 introduces several new capabilities to the beta version of Photoshop. Users can now create images directly within the desktop application, bypassing the need to use the website. Moreover, Photoshop incorporates this updated model into its text-to-image functions, Generative Fill, and Generative Expand. Additionally, the program offers enhanced control when using reference images.

Most of its new abilities are highlighted in the video below.

As mentioned earlier, Firefly Image 3 marks Adobe’s third AI model launch within a year. The original Firefly came out about a year ago, while the Firefly 2, representing a major upgrade, became official in October 2023. Now Firefly 3 is here as a clear sign that Adobe is working hard to stay ahead in the AI race that has been heating up for multiple years.

However, Firefly boasts one significant advantage over its competitors such as Midjourney, DALL-E 3, Ideogram, and SDXL, which is the ability to produce legally flawless images. This is because, according to Adobe, the Firefly Image 3 has been trained solely on licensed material sourced from its own stock database.