Following Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones, Oppo is also claiming a seat in the generative AI bandwagon with its brand new AI chatbot, AndesGPT. The name makes it clear that its a direct rival to OpenAI’s ChatGPT as well Samsung’s recently unveiled Gauss AI for smartphones. It will launch alongside the Oppo Find X7 flagship series next month.

Similar to the Google’s Gemini AI, Oppo’s AndesGPT also comes in tiers of varying capabilities. The base model, AndesGPT Tiny, is made up of 7 billion parameters and is meant to be the lightweight and efficient AI model that can run on consumer devices such as smartphones. The middle tier is AndesGPT Turbo, boasting 70 billion parameters featuring fast response times and a balanced experience. Finally, the most powerful tier, AndesGPT Titan, consists of 180 billion parameters and specializes in deep reasoning and complex tasks.

Similar to its rivals, multimodal capabitlies are onboard as well including text input, image input, voice input, and more. It can generate text, summarize documents, write emails, and create images similar to ChatGPT’s DALL-E 3.

Although Oppo has not mentioned AndesGPT’s input token context window, the company claims that it can generate abstracts with up to 14,000 words and can respond in only 2.9 seconds, which is 2.5 times faster than industry standards. It will come baked in with features including Swapped Attention to deal with first-word reasoning, which is a common occurrence in modern AI models.

Since AndesGPT will launch alongside the Oppo Find X7 phones, it will most likely be limited to basic tasks since the phone version will be powered by AndesGPT Tiny. It will probably be capable of creating custom wallpapers with prompts, summarizing notes, and perhaps some noise suppression features for calls.

Oppo typically launched its phones in China before they make it to the international market a few months later. It remains unclear whether AndesGPT will be limited to the Chinese versions of these phones or will roll out globally as well. Oppo is yet to confirm a launch date for its next flagship phones, but it is expected to happen sometime in January 2024.

Via: Wccftech