British phone maker Nothing has recently announced its newest pair of wireless earbuds called the Nothing Ear and Ear (a), both of which can communicate with ChatGPT with just a pinch gesture. Essentially, they can do the same thing as the $699 Humane AI Pin, but for $99.

To use ChatGPT through the earbuds, users have to install the ChatGPT app on a Nothing smartphone. Once the app and the Nothing Ear are connected, users can simply speak to the generative AI app by squeezing the stem. This should feel similar to speaking with virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, except this one has direct integration with OpenAI’s chatbot.

For now, the feature will remain exclusive to Nothing’s newest earbuds.

Additionally, Nothing smartphones will come with OS-level integrations for ChatGPT including dedicated widgets for the chatbot and seamless screenshot sharing. The company notes: “Nothing will also improve the Nothing smartphone user experience in Nothing OS by embedding system-level entry points to ChatGPT, including screenshot sharing and Nothing-styled widgets.”

Yellow Nothing earbuds in a case

Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a) bring a host of upgrades over their predecessors. The naming scheme is, however, a bit confusing as the Nothing Ear is a successor to the Nothing Ear (2) while the Nothing Ear (a) follows up after the Nothing Ear Stick as a spiritual successor of sorts.

Thanks to a new sound system, the new generation of Nothing earbuds can deliver superior audio quality. This innovation not only improves audio performance but also makes room for a larger battery, offering up to 25% increased battery life compared to their predecessor, the Ear (2). Additionally, the buds are equipped with a “smart” active noise-canceling system that dynamically adjusts to environmental sounds and monitors fit leakage between the buds and the ear canal.

Further advancing its product line, the Ear (a) model introduces further improvements in noise cancellation. However, Nothing is particularly emphasizing the new bright yellow color scheme, a bold departure from the traditional black and white colors that have typically defined its range.

Priced competitively, the Earbuds are available for $149, while the Ear (a) is offered at $99.