Mustafa Suleyman, the co-founder of DeepMind and CEO of Inflection AI, has left to join Microsoft to head its AI division. As a result, his Inflection AI startup is going through some notable changes.

The startup has a brand new CEO to replace Suleyman, Sean White. White has multiple decades of experience working in technology, research, and business. He has also served as a longtime tech and chief executive of Mozilla, which is known for its privacy-focused internet browser, Firefox.

Before joining Mozilla, White established BrightSky Labs, where he served as CEO. This venture was developed during his tenure as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at Greylock Partners, offering machine learning-powered creative tools designed for the average user.

Prior to his work at BrightSky, White played a key role in creating the Interaction Ecologies Group at Nokia. There, he spearheaded a variety of pioneering projects focused on new mobile technologies and user experiences, delving into the realms of wearables, the Internet of Things (IoT), and mixed reality.

Throughout his career, White has held a series of prominent positions, including that of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at NeoCarta Ventures, and Founder of RecNet. He also served as the Vice President of Technology at Lycos, Inc., which was later acquired by Terra Networks, and as CTO of WhoWhere?, which was subsequently acquired by Lycos.

Before these roles, Sean contributed his expertise as a project lead and research staff member at Interval Research Corporation, a firm founded by Paul Allen. Sean White works with start-ups and non-profits in the roles of advisor, investor, and board member.

Reid Hoffman, the third co-founder of Inflection and the founder and executive chair of LinkedIn, will continue to serve on the board of Inflection.

Other Changes At Inflection

Other than a new CEO, Inflection AI will also see some other major changes. Instead of focusing on its generative AI chatbot Pi, it will move to sell enterprise AI software to businesses. Inflection will also allow its commercial customers to build custom chatbots based on its AI models.

As part of this change, Inflection 2.5 will now be hosted on Microsoft Azure in order to reach more creators. It will reach even more cloud providers soon and Inflection promises to release its API “very soon.”