Lenovo, the biggest laptop maker in the market, is reportedly working on its own artificial intelligence (AI) based operating system to take the fight to Windows 11.  This was confirmed by Lenovo’s VP Liu Jun at CES 2024, who announced that the Chinese laptop company plans to release its own AI OS later this year.

Barely a year after marketing its full-stack intelligence strategy, Lenovo is now pushing into the AI OS space with an emphasis on AI PCs and personal helpers amid the evergrowing AI industry.

The objective is to enhance the intelligence of computers and devices by refining their ability to comprehend user intentions using natural language. Consequently, laptops and other gadgets could significantly improve in deciphering user requirements without requiring explicit instruction for every task.

Since Lenovo is based in China, it is likely that its AI systems will also be powered by a Chinese Large Language Model (LLM), though it remains to be seen which one it is going to be.

Lenovo’s first-ever lineup of AI PCs may hit the market as soon as the first half of this year. As mentioned earlier, these devices will be designed to decipher user intent through the capability of being intuitive. Lenovo is also reportedly working on smart devices with AI support, with a special focus on security and privacy to protect user data.

This also suggests that Lenovo is planning to build a full-fledged AI ecosystem around these devices. This development is significant as it transcends merely creating appealing products; it signifies a shift in how technology interfaces with daily life.

Amidst efforts by tech behemoths in China and globally to develop their own operating systems, Lenovo’s latest endeavor has the potential to disrupt the status quo. Should they succeed, Lenovo’s AI OS could rival prominent names such as Microsoft’s Windows 11. The company’s foray into AI may signify a pivotal moment, heralding a future where technology becomes more intelligent and seamlessly integrated into daily existence.

That being said, there is still no official launch date for Lenovo’s mysterious AI OS or its AI PCs, so that information will have to wait until an official announcement from the laptop maker itself.

Via: Tech Radar