Soon after OpenAI’s GPT 4 Turbo, and right alongside Anthropic’s Claude 2.1, Inflection AI has also unveiled its latest AI model, which it claims is “the best model in the world for its compute class and the second most capable LLM in the world today.”

The new model is called Inflection 2, and it comes only a few months after Inflection 1, which powers the company’s chatbot Pi. Inflection AI claims that its latest model has highly improved factual knowledge, better stylistic control, and dramatically improved reasoning.

The company says that this model can outperform rival LLMs from Google and Meta, and is right behind OpenAI’s GPT 4 in terms of performance. This was tested using several AI benchmarks such as HellaSwag, MMLU, TriviaQAWiki, PIQA, GSM8k, and ARC-C. The model was asked questions on 57 subjects from world knowledge to problem-solving and ethics.

Here are the results compared to Google’s PaLM 2.

Not only Google’s PaLM 2 but Inflection 2 was also able to beat the 70 billion parameter version of Meta’s LLaMA 2, Elon Musk’s xAI startup Grok-1, and startup Anthropic’s Claude 2, coming second only to GPT-4, but it was still very close.

Inflection-2 underwent training using 5,000 NVIDIA H100 GPUs in fp8 mixed precision, accumulating approximately 10²⁵ FLOPs. This places it within the same training compute class as Google’s flagship PaLM 2 Large model.

Inflection 2 will soon be powering the company’s conversational bot Pi, which is similar to ChatGPT and Google Bard. Before that, it will need a bit more alignment work which will teach it Pi’s tone and answering styles. This process aids Pi in functioning more effectively while assimilating current information without experiencing additional hallucinations.

Inflection AI is yet to provide a precise date for when Inflection 2 will be integrated into Pi.

Looking forward, Inflection AI has already started working on its next model, which the company claims is going to be 10x the scale of its predecessor within six months, with another 10x bigger than that in another six months. This would mean that Inflection 4 is going to be 100 times bigger than Inflection 2.

One can only imagine how much more powerful rival AI models from OpenAI, Google, and Meta are going to be.