India is shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with in terms of AI technology and it’s looking to solidify its position with a major new AI GPU order placed with chipmaker Nvidia. These GPUs are meant for India’s Yotta data center operator and the total valuation of the order is expected to go over half a billion dollars.

According to a new report from Reuters, the order includes 16,000 units of Nvidia H100 and GH200 AI GPUs which are set to be delivered by March 2025. This fresh information comes from Yotto’s CEO and co-founder Sunil Gupta.

Yotta has previously placed another order of 16,000 GPUs, so the total valuation of these orders is expected to cross the billion-dollar mark. The AI GPUs from the previous order are expected to arrive in India by July 2024. The billion-dollar milestone firmly establishes Yotto as one of Nvidia’s “esteemed” clients.

It’s worth noting that Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, has personally acknowledged the vast potential within the Indian markets and anticipates them becoming one of the world’s largest in the future.

The Indian government and businesses have been actively pushing for technological advancements in the country, spurred on by initiatives such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Made in India” campaign. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging as a key focal point for Indian firms. According to insights from Yotto’s CEO, the Indian AI market is poised to reach an impressive $14 billion by 2030.

This projection has ignited a competitive race among local tech giants, eager to tap into the burgeoning opportunities presented by the AI sector. It signifies a significant stride toward realizing India’s potential as a technology hub in the coming years.

Given Nvidia’s unfavorable trade situation with China, the American chipmaker giant may have found the perfect alternative region to sell its AI products. With improved diplomatic relations between the US and India, it appears that Team Green is directing its attention towards the Indian market. This strategic shift could pave the way for Nvidia to establish a robust and lasting presence in the region, indicating a potentially promising future for their business endeavors in India.

Nvidia has also been exploring an establishment in the Japanese market with local chip networks.