Google is betting big on the European market with an aim to improve the region’s AI skills through a new program called AI Opportunity Initiative. The search engine giant has invested €25 million into this initiative.

This initiative will start with an initial investment of €10 million which will be focused on skill training for the European workforce belonging to marginalized groups. The company has partnered with the Center for Public Impact to turn this project into reality. Google is especially encouraging applications from social enterprises, nonprofit organizations, and broadly, from “vulnerable communities.”

Additionally, the tech giant will also empower startups through its “Google for Start-ups Growth Academies” program, which will target Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. As the title suggests, this sponsored program aims to aid promising startups using AI to power different solutions such as healthcare, education, and cybersecurity. Google’s Growth Academy: AI for Health has also started accepting applications as part of the project.

Furthermore, Google is broadening the linguistic accessibility of its foundational AI courses, increasing the total to 18 languages. The expansion also extends to Google Career Certificates, enhancing the curriculum with more profound AI knowledge and practical experience for learners.

From the outside, Google appears to be promoting this initiative for a good cause, but it is worth mentioning that it is also creating business opportunities for the company. The training courses will not only help local talent but will also market Google’s AI platforms and tools to the world. Additionally, the startup academies are set to facilitate Google’s future investments in the rapidly growing European AI sector.

However, this observation does not diminish the potential advantages for both workers and entrepreneurs. It’s crucial, however, to understand Google’s fundamental intentions and to also consider diversifying one’s sources for learning and networking opportunities.

Google has recently launched Gemini Advanced to showcase its AI prowess. This new tier is powered by Gemini’s flagship AI model, Gemini Ultra, which comes as a paid subscription on top of the free version of Google Gemini chatbot, which was recently renamed from Bard. Gemini Advanced can be accessed through a $20 monthly subscription.