At the outset of this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), Google has unveiled a series of updates for Android, notably incorporating Gemini into its Messages app and introducing AI-enhanced text summaries designed for use while driving. Starting immediately, the integration allows Messages app users to interact with Google’s chatbot seamlessly within the app itself.

The Gemini feature within Messages is equipped to perform straightforward functions such as composing messages and assisting in event planning. Additionally, it offers users a conversational partner during idle times. Currently in the beta phase, this service is initially being rolled out in English, as per Google’s announcement.

Google is enhancing Android Auto with AI capabilities to reduce distractions caused by incoming texts while driving. The driving assistant app will summarize incoming texts and suggest replies if there is a blizzard of incoming messages through group chats or if someone is sending long messages. It can also share user ETA with a single tap or suggest other actions.

Android Auto displayed on a rendering of a car infotainment screen showing a message to a contact named Brianna Travis asking

The announcement also included new accessibility features for Android such as AI-generated image captions in the Lookout app. As the name says, this feature will generate captions for images whether they are found on the internet or through messages. It will also read messages out loud if needed. Initially, this capability will be offered in English and made available worldwide.

Furthermore, Google is augmenting its Lens feature in Maps with an improved screen reader functionality. This enhancement enables users to direct their smartphone’s camera at nearby points of interest, like restaurants or transit stations, to receive auditory information about these locations.

Casting controls for Spotify have also received an upgrade for Android. This is called Spotify Connect and allows users to effortlessly transition their music playback between devices, such as moving from headphones to a speaker. This functionality had previously been available for YouTube Music users.

A phone showing Spotify Connect casting controls, with options for several devices for the user to choose from

These updates should become available to the latest version of Android (14) over the next few weeks. Users should keep their phones up to date to get the latest slew of features from Google.