The new field of generative AI has opened up doors to an abundance of new jobs in the tech industry, especially after the booming popularity of ChatGPT and nearly half a dozen rival AI models from competing companies.

Business Insider reports that this year, there have been 10,113 job listings associated with generative AI, as revealed by a recent study conducted by the research firm Lightcast. The analysis encompassed postings across various job boards such as Indeed and company websites.

These job opportunities span a diverse array of industries, with tech companies engaged in AI development and education platforms seeking to explore the technology among those actively posting, according to Layla O’Kane, Senior Economist at Lightcast, who shared this information with Insider via email.

The job listings include opportunities for data scientists, machine learning engineers, curriculum writers, and many other professionals, though these three were among the most sought-after vacancies relating to generative AI. This shows that even jobs that have little to do with generative AI are gradually shifting toward the freshly popularized field.

Kane said:

We were surprised to see the proliferation of generative AI skills being required in jobs that are not developing these technologies. This indicates that workers and employers are already adjusting their work needs and ways of working to incorporate these new generative AI tools.

That being said, here are the companies that are hiring the most generative AI talent. Interestingly enough, the top 5 names only include two of the biggest tech companies in the industry.


Chegg is an American online education technology company that had over 377 job listings in 2023 relating to generative AI. Even at the time of writing, the company has over a dozen AI-related job openings for curriculum writers in subjects like financial analysis, cybersecurity, and digital marketing.


Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, the parent company behind Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, scores the second spot on the list with 330 job listings throughout the year. The company is working on a number of AI projects and is constantly looking for AI-related research engineers, applied research scientists, product technical program managers, and more with six-figure salaries.

Capital One

Capital One is an American bank holding company that specializes in credit cards, loans, and bank-related finance services. The company appointed a Head of Enterprise AI as a strategic move to enhance customer experiences through AI, earlier this year. It listed over 305 jobs on its platform throughout the year.


PNNL, short for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, had 273 job openings through 2023. PNNL is affiliated with the US Department of Energy and has been employing AI to address cybersecurity threats and contribute to disaster response efforts.


E-commerce giant Amazon is at the bottom of the top 5 with 181 jobs. The online shopping company introduced Amazon Bedrock in September this year, a collection of extensive language models, to AWS customers in select regions of the US and Asia. Amazon is also reportedly working on Olympus, its very own Large Language Model (LLM) to compete with ChatGPT.