Anthropic, the generative AI firm that raised $1.25 billion from Amazon less two weeks ago, in a multi-year $4 billion deal, is in talks with investors to raise $2 billion in fresh funds at a valuation between $20 billion and $30 billion, The Information reported on Tuesday.

It is not clear at what valuation Amazon made its investment, but the AI firm had previously raised at a reported (post-money) valuation between $4.4 billion and $5 billion earlier this year.

Founded in 2021 by Dario and his sister Daniela Amodei, who previously held leadership positions at OpenAI, Anthropic is a full-stack AI firm that constructs extensive language models and develops products on top of them, much like OpenAI.

The company launched its AI chatbot, Claude, earlier this year, which is currently available in the United States and United Kingdom only, and competes with ChatGPT. Less than a month ago, Anthropic also launched a $20 monthly plan for power users of its chatbot.

Anthropic has two large language models, Claude 2 and Claude Instant, both of which are currently offered to limited partners.

According to the latest report, Anthropic is expected to generate $200 million in revenue this year and is anticipated to double that figure to $400 million in 2024. At the current run rate, the $30 billion valuation would imply a 150 times multiple for the company.

OpenAI, with which Anthropic competes, is reportedly considering a secondary sale of its employee shares at a valuation between $80 billion and $90 billion. This could make it one of the most highly-valued private companies in the world.

OpenAI reportedly expects to generate $1 billion in revenue this year, which would mean a 90 times multiple for the AI firm. This is 40 percent lower than Anthropic’s expected multiple.